Skinny Towel®

Skinny Towel
What makes the Skinny Towel® so special? It's the Skinny size. Even though it is roughly half as wide as a regular bath towel, it does the job of drying your body. It's made with 100% cotton and because there's less towel, it's easier to handle, faster to dry and won't feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your head when drying your hair with a larger bath towel. Our space-saving Skinny Towels® are also popular with campers, college kids and the RV crowd.
approx. size: 14.000" W x 49.000" L
$4.95 ea.
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Mini Skinny Towel®

Mini Skinny Toilet Tissue Option
The Mini Skinny Towel® probably ranks among the smallest towels in the galaxy. Don't let its size fool you! It can wash faces, shine shoes, wipe a hiker's brow and is an excellent toilet paper replacement and paper towel replacement. It's also perfect for under The Girls. Sold in packs of four. DO NOT FLUSH.
approx. size: 3.500" W x 14.000" L
$5.95 ea.
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