Skinny Washcloth®

Skinny Washcloth
Your days of being a contortionist in your bathroom are over. Skinny Washcloth® to the rescue. Now, you can wash, dry, moisturize and sunscreen your back all by yourself with our Skinny Washcloth®. No more struggling with a square washcloth or an awkward brush. The perfect gift for friends and kin who live alone or have limited mobility.
approx. size: 4.000" W x 36.000" L
$3.95 ea.
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Not so Skinny Square

Not So Skinny Square
OK, we caved. Skinny customers asked for something square and because the customer is always right...see first sentence. BUT, as with all Skinny products the Not So Skinny Square has many uses: washcloth, dust cloth, hiking towel, camping companion. And it's the perfect size for your dry floor sweeper. Just poke the NSSS into the four top holes of your sweeper and when done remove, toss in the washer, dry and use again and again. Kiss those disposable floor cloths goodbye.
approx. size: 13.000" W x 13.000" L
$3.75 ea.
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